Friday, April 10, 2009


this is election time in india,when people tell me that democracy is the best form of the government were the lagaan is with the people and its people's choice and wish that determines and makes a difference. ideally speaking, ya democracy going by its definition of the people , for the people and by the people must respect the citizen, by its virtue of definition of democracy people are the rulers of the rulers, but does this really happen?? daily when i switch on the tv news channels, the news we see daily is some leader distributing money to his constituency people , or some politicos lashing and bashing at the opponents, that too in an unruly way, spreading hate, the behaviour of parties , partymen, and thier henchmen all are frustrating. i accept that democracy is the best machinery! but best when its proper at all the levels and perfection at various levels. democracy= opportunism , nothing more that that. in olden days we had monarchy, we had a king who can rule us, we had some great visionaries as kings like the mauryans, akbar etc, similairly we had blood thirsty and power thirsty people like genghis khan etc. monarchy makes a person to think that he is not answerable to any one, and the monarchy becomes a dictatorship. army rule is another option, yes indeed it has its own merits like discipline and law n order under control. indeed the army has a bunch of dedicated people, who love the country more than themself. but again law cant be forced, i strongly believe that laws has to be understood and abide rather than forcing. army rule doesnt seems to be a longterm option. the problem with our country is that , the reform must begin with u and me, when we ourself wait for the next person to be perfect and blame others and do the same mistake, which we are blaming on others, what kind of progress is this? we people have a mass or rather a mob mentality when some one does something all of us run and do the same, but we dont want ourself to step out from our safety zone. life is about taking risks, it doesnt matter whether we will win or loose, but its about intentions, and determinations. let us be the change. let the revolution begin from us. from within. exercise ur right to vote. select the candidate rightly . dont look upon his party , his caste , ur personal benefit, religion, but about his qualifications, it doesnt matter even though u know he will loose in election, but even then u can be happy about making ur choice right. please do vote and vote for right persons to represent ur voice.