Saturday, May 24, 2008


God , this has been a subject of fascination to some, subject of faoth to som, to some it s a ridicuous joke. but one single question that lingers arround is has god created human? or human created gods? well without hurting any one's belief we need to take a truthful journey.
god , i feel is a glorious concept and deep rooted to the human evolution. we people always have a fascination or adoration towards a hero or heroic deeds. historically some of themythological figures , i feel would have been no more than a mortal and because of the exemplary quality of life , and great deeds the life of them is glorified and myths surround them as centurys move. the current day gods are definitly created by human. you have gods for all your purposes, to get marry, to get children, to get passport,visa, and what not, so what does human then here for? what does he do then? several of modernday methods of worship appears to be a sought of bribery , such as people trying to put contract with him, oh god you make me pass my exams then i will shave my hair,or break a coconut and so on, so we people trying to bribe god. we are fooling ourself by involving in such acts.
actually what does god mean to the society? an ulra power man who takes on all baddies, or a wish master or a loyal servant who full fills the needs, i dont find any meaning in such perceptions. so then you may think i am a non believer, no definitly not, i believe in him, the god, but he is not an individual, or a thing, rather he is a philosophy, a life style, an ulterior wisdom which moves the universe, we need to look at ourself, and nature if we really want to look and understand god. there is a set of rules, there are innumerable players , its like a flowchart or algorithm, god gives wisdom, he doesnt prompt you answers at exam hall. rather than a blind believer of good, you can be an intelligent athiest atleast.