Monday, December 24, 2007


Religion, there is 1 community in orkut for world peace, i was going through an intersting thread , regarding the question is religion the cause of war?.. i found some intersting views, ok now to the question , does religion promotes war?.. the answer is that definitly no religion in this world promotes war, and if somebody says if it promotes then it is not at all a religion...but the fact is that there have been wars in the fast and even now wars are happening under the name of religion, i feel that the basic reason for war is the feeling of ruthless "I" sense, the sense to establish one's own ideologies and one's own power over the weaker sects, it is the individual powerseeking attitude and superiority complex, this sense manifests itself in various formats such as casteism racism, feeling of one's own superiority is not a bad one until it transgresses the limits and disturbs the others, religions are set of principles laid with a common goal to achieve a greater happiness, truth and bliss in life, but the so called religious people have become fanatics and forget the principles and hold on blindly, forgetting the basics of humanity, if u forget what rama, jesus, allah , buddha told and just hold on to the forms there is no use in adopting religion....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


the reservation policy which is followed in india puts me some great question marks in my mind..are we following the right standard to compete to the global market by putting this policy in to the force..but at the same time to remain competitive are we loosing grounds? and are we failing to build the life of our own people who are ailing at the bottom line..whom to blame..the politicians who are filling the pockets or the people's mind set or what else..definitly i agree that inequality exists in the society..but reservation is the solution ? am not sure..the reservation should be better be based on the economic should not be like rich get richer and poor get poorer..our current policies have led to the emergence of new millionaires..but at the same time the needy people who require support are let down..there should be proportionate increase in cost of living and salry..but it has not happened here..there is this problem of creamy layer..the practical application of economic basis of reservation will be questioned ..yes it needs a great deal of field work and need real data for classifying economically people in to low income , middle income and so on...but at the same time it is not impossible...yes there are certain sects of people who need help..for eradicating caste one must not recognise it..but our government is recognising and indeed birth at a particular clan shouldnt be the decider of his destiny..hope future will be bright and needs a strict review of our policies.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever' ..this is a famous quote..i agree with this statement..but the perception point of beauty is differing..first we have to know what is beauty?? does beauty means dressing oneself in the costliest outfits? excellent physique? exotic places? gifts of nature such as great mountains or deep deas or dense forests or water falls or what else? when i was thinking and pondering about this..i cud say that definitly every individual has a different view point for beauty.. for an ecologist it may be his garden that is the most beautiful thing rather than any thing in this world..for a begger the saravana bhavan meals might be the biggest i am saying that perception of beauty is purely based on our individual ideologies..even miss world may not appear beautiful to hungry begger..there is not a single object which every one in this world accepts as beautiful..but is there anything called as ugly?? again it is also the difference in angle with which it is viewed...remaining beautiful is different from appearing beautiful..hope u can understand what am one or no thing can be labelled as the law of universe every thing is beauty..its not essential that appearance must be beautiful(but it will also make a positive point too!!) but it is the real inner beauty which makes the life glorified..we all are beautiful..believe in this..this entire universe and its order is a great beauty..just visua;ise even the ordinary things with this view point..we start enjoying and love our life.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

theory of parallel existence

i understood this theory..u might have already read or found..but i have never attenpted to get might have been already there ..sounds different yaar..ok i believe that life exists in other planets other than our own mother earth. u may ask how could it be possible? ya i will try to explain my points .. i may be wrong..the main reasons which the scientists tell us that life cant exist without oxygen... and of course without water..not possible..even in some planets they may land in future and tell this theory they have not found theory is our world we have a body which works in the metabolism of water and we use oxygen for our survival..our life system is such that everything is based on water and oxygen..naturally these both are available abundantly in our biosphere..hence we cannot survive without these .. but that doesnt mean that life cannot exist without these..because in other planet u may have predominance of some other gas and liquid and thier biological system may be suited to live and metabolise according to thier..say for eg in jupiter u may find organism inhaling mercury vapours there u may not have oxygen.. and may drink sulphuric acid which is available there!!! so u cant expect an organism to breathe oxygen and live with water in jupiter..they may not be visualised , because our human beings can capture those rays which are in the range of visual spectrum..they may be highly evolved and may live in other ranges..sounds fictional??! ok give it a thought

Friday, December 7, 2007

india , sare jahan se accha....??

what is so special about my motherland india? some say it as cultural heritage , the great history and the ancient culture..yes we do have it ..but we indians have a wrong idea that we only have great tradition, but i feel that it is not like that certainly, every nation and its people have thier own tradition and backing, no race is inferior and so no race is superior, i dont jnow why we people lack civic sense..we throw one in the world wastes water like anything,, am not sure about whether our people are aware of ecological not speaking about any illiterate here it is the so called literate people in the society who create greater nuisance, we are reluctant, time management ..oh my god we lack a great deal of it..but still there is a great feeling comin in my mind that makes india sare jahan se acha..yes it is the undying spirit folks, we have witnessed this emotion of great resurgence, the tremendous energy coming in to the fore..the individual identotoes are lost, selfish intersts are lost..the big example is post gujarat calamity..the whole nation stood behind the victims, in the post flood period in mumbai some two years back, everything came to normal the second day, in the post tsunami period there was tremendous pour of help to tamilians..we indians tend to forget these great resurgences and move ahead , the taste of my nation is great, i dont think in anyway u can generalise any feature in india because of its vast diversity..but it is the fate of our people to realise the real potency only during calamity.. icant wait for the next on.............

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The battle of good and evil, happening for a long time since the inception of earth, or universe, it is our belief that even though evil triumphs but it will be good at the ultimate,
here comes the question of ultimate, what is that ultimate point of victory? what are we winning over? to which are we loosing? history will let us know that , the once traitors became the greatest leaders , having huge following after death, socrates was killed because of instigating people to think dirty thoughts, there were some people who were killed for the sake of breaking the circle of blind beliefs, those who broke the path incidentally paved the new path and became the path makers, thier contribution in the process of human evolution is very commendable, we humans have the notion that whatever we are believing is right, but i think there is nothing wrong in thinking like that, but at the same time dont think that what others are thinking are wrong , that makes the difference, i feel that there is nothing called as good and evil in this world, it is our perception point that makes the difference, time provides the great answers, anything is good and fine until it traverses and tresspasses others beliefs, freedom and life,


Tuesday, December 4, 2007


i am not saying any wild animal like tiger or lion as man eater, u have to believe me that we human are the greatest man eaters , right from the history, while no other species in the process of evolution ever had such cruelest intention and coupled with perfect planning had posed a great threat for the survival of its own species, we lost more lives bcoz of thirst of power than the natural calamities , what is the aetiology behind such maniac killing?? u had a leader who threatenend to extinguish a race arround 70 yrs back, u had a leader at african country whoose menu daily has got finger chips(yup it is real finger chips),and head curry, obviously because they all wanted to be at the top, never mind how many heads they have to crush to come in to the power, the throne they sat was made up of the skeleton of innumerable individuals who have been murdered brutally, power has always remained as a greatest lure to human being ever since inception, but believe me , the power is not excising command and den=mand respest from other, but the real power is within our self, our principles and beliefs, and how useful we are to the society, such as gandhi , martin luther . i think they had more power than hitlers and mussolinis..

Monday, December 3, 2007


the hindu mythology, is a very interesting subject, some believe the existence of demigods, some say it tells about some philosophy underneath, i am not sure about the existence , but i believe that they definitly have some underlying meaning, when i was thinking over the forms of gods, my thoughts came over to this character hanuman, the monkey faced god who is known for his mind power and bhakthi over rama, i really admire hanuman right from my childhood, i thought y he is having this monkey face, in tamil they say "manam oru kurangu" meaning mind is like a monkey, this is a similie which says that mind is like a monkey it jumps from branch to branch, the term hanuman can be interpreted in sanskrit as han- to win over or kill, man- mind, at the same time hanuman is told as son of wind god, in indian literature there are plenty of refernces explaining about the relation between vayu and mana.."chalae vatam chalae chittam" if the wind or prana is disturbed the mind is also disturbed",
if u remember that hanuman an ordinary monkey soldier becomes a great lord hanuman, after he was reminded of his inherent capability ,
my hypothesis is that, this character of hanuman implies to us that, our minds are just like monkey when we realise the minds true potential and tame it by pranayama, and other methods, and when we gain mastery over that, then we can raise above our level to the level of GOD, so there is hanuman within all of us, to make it as hanuman or to continue it as just monkey is in our hands...........

Saturday, December 1, 2007

thoughts,,traversing in my mind..





pattern of life

this is my first post...have u observrd that there is apattern existing in our life..the question is that whether fate rules our life or our intellect or we deside our life? we come across people fighting miraculously ..from the tight corner..we find people succumbing even to small events..i feel that there is apttern , a format in life, its like a flowchart or algorithm or a program..its like a map..u have a starting at destination..that doesnt mean that its all fate..its like in a route u have the reins..we have the right of is simple it works like a logic gates..the path is already laid and fixed is our choice to accept or choose the alternate..just observe closely for every step u have a choice..u have to choose carefully to take the right road ..its partly destiny and partly will..