Monday, December 3, 2007


the hindu mythology, is a very interesting subject, some believe the existence of demigods, some say it tells about some philosophy underneath, i am not sure about the existence , but i believe that they definitly have some underlying meaning, when i was thinking over the forms of gods, my thoughts came over to this character hanuman, the monkey faced god who is known for his mind power and bhakthi over rama, i really admire hanuman right from my childhood, i thought y he is having this monkey face, in tamil they say "manam oru kurangu" meaning mind is like a monkey, this is a similie which says that mind is like a monkey it jumps from branch to branch, the term hanuman can be interpreted in sanskrit as han- to win over or kill, man- mind, at the same time hanuman is told as son of wind god, in indian literature there are plenty of refernces explaining about the relation between vayu and mana.."chalae vatam chalae chittam" if the wind or prana is disturbed the mind is also disturbed",
if u remember that hanuman an ordinary monkey soldier becomes a great lord hanuman, after he was reminded of his inherent capability ,
my hypothesis is that, this character of hanuman implies to us that, our minds are just like monkey when we realise the minds true potential and tame it by pranayama, and other methods, and when we gain mastery over that, then we can raise above our level to the level of GOD, so there is hanuman within all of us, to make it as hanuman or to continue it as just monkey is in our hands...........


gans said...

dae... cool! ur becoming a techie now... gr8 idea da.. though topic doesnt interest me too much..sorry abt tat! anyways cool da.. gr8 work..keep it going

Anonymous said...

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