Sunday, December 9, 2007

theory of parallel existence

i understood this theory..u might have already read or found..but i have never attenpted to get might have been already there ..sounds different yaar..ok i believe that life exists in other planets other than our own mother earth. u may ask how could it be possible? ya i will try to explain my points .. i may be wrong..the main reasons which the scientists tell us that life cant exist without oxygen... and of course without water..not possible..even in some planets they may land in future and tell this theory they have not found theory is our world we have a body which works in the metabolism of water and we use oxygen for our survival..our life system is such that everything is based on water and oxygen..naturally these both are available abundantly in our biosphere..hence we cannot survive without these .. but that doesnt mean that life cannot exist without these..because in other planet u may have predominance of some other gas and liquid and thier biological system may be suited to live and metabolise according to thier..say for eg in jupiter u may find organism inhaling mercury vapours there u may not have oxygen.. and may drink sulphuric acid which is available there!!! so u cant expect an organism to breathe oxygen and live with water in jupiter..they may not be visualised , because our human beings can capture those rays which are in the range of visual spectrum..they may be highly evolved and may live in other ranges..sounds fictional??! ok give it a thought

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pradeep said...

ur quite a dumwit. the theory of parallel existence exists frm yore. tis not a term or a theory dat u have coined. do ur homework before u post something on ur blog. atleast dats wat google is for :p