Tuesday, December 18, 2007


the reservation policy which is followed in india puts me some great question marks in my mind..are we following the right standard to compete to the global market by putting this policy in to the force..but at the same time to remain competitive are we loosing grounds? and are we failing to build the life of our own people who are ailing at the bottom line..whom to blame..the politicians who are filling the pockets or the people's mind set or what else..definitly i agree that inequality exists in the society..but reservation is the solution ? am not sure..the reservation should be better be based on the economic should not be like rich get richer and poor get poorer..our current policies have led to the emergence of new millionaires..but at the same time the needy people who require support are let down..there should be proportionate increase in cost of living and salry..but it has not happened here..there is this problem of creamy layer..the practical application of economic basis of reservation will be questioned ..yes it needs a great deal of field work and need real data for classifying economically people in to low income , middle income and so on...but at the same time it is not impossible...yes there are certain sects of people who need help..for eradicating caste one must not recognise it..but our government is recognising and indeed birth at a particular clan shouldnt be the decider of his destiny..hope future will be bright and needs a strict review of our policies.

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deeps said...

what ma u r sayin abt reservation policies then hw will u raise the standards of poor. so bad of them they are very poor for the past sixty years. 50% reservation is not enough they hav to be given 100% reservation. India is a great country they can accomodate any number of poor. but not the educated people. because they will cause India to be a developed country at 2020 no no 2015 or 2010. This should not happen for many of "people" to live. so India requires reservation policies ok.