Monday, December 1, 2008


India, my mother nation is fighting her way, a serious situation , it has to survive and overcome
it. the cowardly act of terrorism had indeed created a sense of vaccum, an insecurity in the
minds of people, questioning the sheer hope of tommorow. yes , the mindset would change gradually, i know that the people of india have unsual power of coping and adjusting to the
situations, and bouncing back to buyoyancy, just a matter of time. but how long are we going
to live with terror at our backyard? no point in blaming and churning the same story about the
involvement of neighbouring nation, pakistan, the people of pakistan are also shaken up by the
acts of terrorism.

The political head rollings are of least importance in this hour of crisis ,
and of least importance to a common man, a common man is not worried about who is the
secretary of defence, or the minister? he needs security, he needs to drive away his fears, he
needs assurance, not just political promises and claims. there is lacuna in coordinating the
various security systems in india, we need to set up an autonomous body which coordinates the
entire defence mechanism, the communication system and intelligence mechanism has to be
improved. enough of blame game by the leading political parties, if these acts continue i am sure
that people may loose faith in democracy at some or other point of time.

Government has to answer some tough questions, what is the mechanism to protect a common man from becoming a victim of terror?
does our armed men have enough technical advancements to over come the challenges of these
brutal man eaters? are we competent enough?
and so on..yes its time that people of india should cometogether, hold the hands , and unitedly
resist and move forward against the evil elements, forgetting the borders, religions, castes,
political agenda, its time for a revolution- inqalab, to show resilience, to put up a brave fight
against those evils, inspite of the severe loss of lives i see one good point in this terror attack, i.e
its the feeling of integrity, the maharashtrians, the tamilians, the biharis, the kannadigas and soo
on all atleast at that momment we felt we all are indians, this feeling has to run through our

Sincerely we pay our tribute to the legendary cops, jawans who fought it out to reduce
the death toll, and saved the lives of several people . hats off to kamte, salsalkar and karakare
saheb, we miss you and love u all, and the nsg commandos especially major unnikrishnan and
gajendra singh, for the valiant act. we expresss our solidarity with entire family of those victims
of terror, we cant console them, we are with you mumbai, Lastly

let us push over bad days behind, and overcome the adverse situation and put up a brave face ,
and terminate the evil forces and say to the entire world that our india is indeed

Monday, October 20, 2008

ideal political party. a distant dream?

Recently there was a huge gathering of a party started by actor turned politician in chennai, it made me to think about how a political party should be run in India? especially in tamil nadu, which had been under the rule of dravidian parties for the past 3o odd years, the political culture of the state , i felt is in a very bad state. These are my small fragments of thoughts, some may disagree or have better points , am ready for a healthy discussion always. Am presenting my view point from a citizen's angle about the ideal political party, when the word ideal is used it shows that its imaginary or unattainable, any way lets wait and watch..

1.No extravaganzas

2.No improbable and unappropriate and impossibble or unwanted promises made just for the election's sake.

3. No personal attacks on any one , this has to be adopted as partys motto , right from the head to the last supporter should refrain themself from attacking the individuals in public.

4.Meetings or any activities should not cause peril to the public life and shouldnot disturb the lifestyle of people of that area.

5. Its better to have a leader who in his personal life too disciplined, as in making some important policy decisions its neccessary that he should be in a position of command and not in a position of dispute because of his own behaviour.

6. Enough off great orators, we need people who will execute and convert the words in to acts.

7. The party should have a strong internal democracy.

8. No more family politics please (the most important one)

9. A party that doesnt overstuff it's ideologies in those people who are not interested in it( but first you need some ideologies to stuff!! thats different), and allows its members to express itself freely.

10. The supporters and members must not be just like a sheep herd , but should have some discriminative capacity and should not be blind to some unscrupulous deciscion at the highest level, at the same time they definitly should have immense discipline and respect to partys ideologies and leader.

11. The most important is the supporters, members and leader should not look politics as a new business or alternate or additional source of income , please dont come with the intention that if we invest 1 lakh we will reap 20 lakhs, this kind of business attitude should be thorougly eradicated.

12 The order of priority in taking a deciscion for a party leader should be country and people first(irrespective of power) second his party and members, lastly his own likes and dislikes.

13.Money management is important, always dont spend money lavishly in useless things like gatherings, etc instead that money can be used for doing something constructively for society.

14'lastly a people friendly party and easily approachable leader with whom we can share our public grievances.

15. A party that doesnot encourage violence in any level, that does not support any unwanted strikes and bandhs that affects public life.

hmm..after nearly 60 years of independence i couldnt find a party that matches all these criterias, and i know that its tumultuos task , it requires maturing of an entire generation, but let us awaken our self and awaken people arround ourself, its time to say loudly and clearly that WE NEED A CHANGE!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


God , this has been a subject of fascination to some, subject of faoth to som, to some it s a ridicuous joke. but one single question that lingers arround is has god created human? or human created gods? well without hurting any one's belief we need to take a truthful journey.
god , i feel is a glorious concept and deep rooted to the human evolution. we people always have a fascination or adoration towards a hero or heroic deeds. historically some of themythological figures , i feel would have been no more than a mortal and because of the exemplary quality of life , and great deeds the life of them is glorified and myths surround them as centurys move. the current day gods are definitly created by human. you have gods for all your purposes, to get marry, to get children, to get passport,visa, and what not, so what does human then here for? what does he do then? several of modernday methods of worship appears to be a sought of bribery , such as people trying to put contract with him, oh god you make me pass my exams then i will shave my hair,or break a coconut and so on, so we people trying to bribe god. we are fooling ourself by involving in such acts.
actually what does god mean to the society? an ulra power man who takes on all baddies, or a wish master or a loyal servant who full fills the needs, i dont find any meaning in such perceptions. so then you may think i am a non believer, no definitly not, i believe in him, the god, but he is not an individual, or a thing, rather he is a philosophy, a life style, an ulterior wisdom which moves the universe, we need to look at ourself, and nature if we really want to look and understand god. there is a set of rules, there are innumerable players , its like a flowchart or algorithm, god gives wisdom, he doesnt prompt you answers at exam hall. rather than a blind believer of good, you can be an intelligent athiest atleast.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


To love and hate...we all do have rights..but what is the demarcating line?!..i remember some great people's stories..first we have to understand what is real love..yes to love doesnt mean unscripulously , blindly supporting whatever our beloved person also to hate means not blindly critiscizing or offending the nature of aperson or his deeds..we should be in a position to discriminate , between what is right and wrong, may be in a larger sense there is nothing called as right or wrong, thats different anyway, let us try to cultivate the habit of loving that too without discrimination , without expecting anything in return, because love is giving , its a pleasure for both , but sometimes we may feel that our counterpart doesn love us equally like us, definitly we can do nothing about that, our duty is to shed lo0ve we shall do it, coming to the point of to hate..ya we must indeed hate something, but the difference lies in discriminating the doer and his action, we can and ofcourse hate harmful actions or deeds of a person but not the person as a whole, that is we can hate deeds but should not hate the doer, this will actually build our relationship, oue happiness wont get pertubed, for eg if a person spits at u , u have the right to get angry but for the act of spitting alone, just we need not carry the angry and hatch into hatred..because what we need in todays world is love.....