Monday, December 1, 2008


India, my mother nation is fighting her way, a serious situation , it has to survive and overcome
it. the cowardly act of terrorism had indeed created a sense of vaccum, an insecurity in the
minds of people, questioning the sheer hope of tommorow. yes , the mindset would change gradually, i know that the people of india have unsual power of coping and adjusting to the
situations, and bouncing back to buyoyancy, just a matter of time. but how long are we going
to live with terror at our backyard? no point in blaming and churning the same story about the
involvement of neighbouring nation, pakistan, the people of pakistan are also shaken up by the
acts of terrorism.

The political head rollings are of least importance in this hour of crisis ,
and of least importance to a common man, a common man is not worried about who is the
secretary of defence, or the minister? he needs security, he needs to drive away his fears, he
needs assurance, not just political promises and claims. there is lacuna in coordinating the
various security systems in india, we need to set up an autonomous body which coordinates the
entire defence mechanism, the communication system and intelligence mechanism has to be
improved. enough of blame game by the leading political parties, if these acts continue i am sure
that people may loose faith in democracy at some or other point of time.

Government has to answer some tough questions, what is the mechanism to protect a common man from becoming a victim of terror?
does our armed men have enough technical advancements to over come the challenges of these
brutal man eaters? are we competent enough?
and so on..yes its time that people of india should cometogether, hold the hands , and unitedly
resist and move forward against the evil elements, forgetting the borders, religions, castes,
political agenda, its time for a revolution- inqalab, to show resilience, to put up a brave fight
against those evils, inspite of the severe loss of lives i see one good point in this terror attack, i.e
its the feeling of integrity, the maharashtrians, the tamilians, the biharis, the kannadigas and soo
on all atleast at that momment we felt we all are indians, this feeling has to run through our

Sincerely we pay our tribute to the legendary cops, jawans who fought it out to reduce
the death toll, and saved the lives of several people . hats off to kamte, salsalkar and karakare
saheb, we miss you and love u all, and the nsg commandos especially major unnikrishnan and
gajendra singh, for the valiant act. we expresss our solidarity with entire family of those victims
of terror, we cant console them, we are with you mumbai, Lastly

let us push over bad days behind, and overcome the adverse situation and put up a brave face ,
and terminate the evil forces and say to the entire world that our india is indeed