Thursday, February 25, 2010


If you think a little bit deeper on the lines of the topic. you could find that this is true. the beginning of life, the evolution of universe, evolution of human kind all could be understood like this. the so called starting point and the so called destination are one and the same. a step backward from were we start is the place were we want to reach. most, almost very few tread this immediate backward integration. the life is a circle, every process is a circle, and is endless. we start out a journey thinking of some destination, we face all the odds, travel through difficult times, and end up in the destination were it all started.!!so whats the difference? initially we are pure , untouched by any acts that is wordly, in the end again we are pure but this time we are aware that we are pure, this sums the differnce..this mere knowledge is bliss.the journey to eternity may take lives, but we all will be there one may end in a day, the revealation may take years for a few, a life time for others, and many life times for most of us.on the way we will be confronting our own images, identities, beliefs, making us better prepared for facing the ultimate truth.
fello travellers..enjoy your travel!!! we are destined to reach.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The most important and biggest fear of human kind is the fear of fears and fear of death. when i think about fear, some thoughts came in my mind,
1.why are we fearing ?? the basic question do we fear? to overcome fear?
these fundamental questions need to be answered. first let us try to understand what fear is all about, fear is a sense of insecurity, imagining or assuming the effects of a particular act , and the damage it could inflict in physical, psychological and social levels. what if is the main question that spurs the feeling of fear. what if is an unique question that can be utilised in a positive manner , to bring a positive vibration by thinking in an optimistic manner, but this rarely happens, the tool of what if is mostly used to spur negative feelings of fear and doubts.what if i win a lottery is just a dream, and may give us a temporary euphoria.where as what if i loose my money or respect is a more serious thing, and it has its own psychological impact.
we fear because its our tendency, we have it in our genes, we have been exposed to too many turmoils in thousands and thosands of generation we have feared over nature, over uncertainity, over things and situations which we feel are out of control of us, sometimes we fear for imaginations. yes human kind has feared, yet faced the conflicts and has survived the odds, and always evolving towards something better . fear is like any other emotion of joy , love,anger, sex in humanbeings. when we understand ourselves, what we fear, and what makes us fear, you could always come up with such an anlysis. fear makes us panic, it makes us think, it makes us to act. the first reaction to fear is denial, even in presence of a perpetual danger, we wont want to believe that this is going to happen, and we try to tame our mind that this fear is imaginary. the next reaction for fear is escapism, now as we percieve the things a little bit closer, and understand the fact behind them, we put our maximum efforts to avoid confronting fear face to face. that gives us a temporary sense of wellbeing. the next reaction to fear is the actual situation, meeting your fear. as time passes, when you have crossed the situation , you could definitly know that its not as bad as you feared. the solution is simple, when you have some fear, think about the worst thing that can happen, and the impact it can have on you, then you could think of some measures to reduce the damage if it actually happens or you could learn to acept and keep yourself happy. the effect of fear produces more damage than the actual event could trigger.
i also believe that you could not conquer fear fully and definitly couldnt be 100% fearless (well we can pretend so). its not such a bad thing in life, infact sometimes these fears will help us to be a better person. for e.g the myth stories in india, where the god will punish every bad act of us has kept most indians in a path that wont harm others, lifting the moral values. its a myth that one could conquer his fear, first we need to understand and accept our fears, then we are a step closer to overcome that, we can find a mechanism , a thought process and surely could overcome the feeling of fear .
let us try to be a better person..the life is short to enjoy a plenty , we need not give a lot of time for these feelings of fear.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A lot of thinking has been happening for some days now. some serious questions have popped out of mind, which needs to be answered. how far are we attached to our various identities, ?? we want to have an association with several objectives things / thoughts, we feel that we must be identified wuth that. infact i see that getting a prper identity is itself is one of the prime objectives of our life. we get a sense of purpose in creating an image for ourself, i can do this do that , but i cant do that etc etc.
i stumbled upon a thought that these identies which we create and feel proud of possesing may become an obstacle after a certain level. it becomes difficuilt for us to transcnd our own identities, associations, they start boosting our ego and even hampers the thinking process, that makes us prejudicial and judgemental, also we will fail to get some experiences.
the indian spiritual thoughts basically revolves arround loosing the identity and transcending above . we may associate with our native town/ village in our early ages, but when we grow up and go to places our minds get broadened and we tend to loose that identity then we may have an identity of caste, religion, language ultimately when we think and go beyond these are all reductionistic attitudes and keeps us restricted , inhibited.
even the national pride, is a kind of identity, we may become blind of the rest of the wonders of the world.
the next thing is male female identity, thats also keeps one or the other dominant, transcending all these basic identities, we need to cultivate an universal vision, a broader identity of human race or even broader as just a living being, or even broader as just a being in earth. i do beleieve that we may not be hampered , and a immense feeling of love will flow through our heart.
aggregating identity and loosing the same are part of human learning process.think about this.