Sunday, February 7, 2010


A lot of thinking has been happening for some days now. some serious questions have popped out of mind, which needs to be answered. how far are we attached to our various identities, ?? we want to have an association with several objectives things / thoughts, we feel that we must be identified wuth that. infact i see that getting a prper identity is itself is one of the prime objectives of our life. we get a sense of purpose in creating an image for ourself, i can do this do that , but i cant do that etc etc.
i stumbled upon a thought that these identies which we create and feel proud of possesing may become an obstacle after a certain level. it becomes difficuilt for us to transcnd our own identities, associations, they start boosting our ego and even hampers the thinking process, that makes us prejudicial and judgemental, also we will fail to get some experiences.
the indian spiritual thoughts basically revolves arround loosing the identity and transcending above . we may associate with our native town/ village in our early ages, but when we grow up and go to places our minds get broadened and we tend to loose that identity then we may have an identity of caste, religion, language ultimately when we think and go beyond these are all reductionistic attitudes and keeps us restricted , inhibited.
even the national pride, is a kind of identity, we may become blind of the rest of the wonders of the world.
the next thing is male female identity, thats also keeps one or the other dominant, transcending all these basic identities, we need to cultivate an universal vision, a broader identity of human race or even broader as just a living being, or even broader as just a being in earth. i do beleieve that we may not be hampered , and a immense feeling of love will flow through our heart.
aggregating identity and loosing the same are part of human learning process.think about this.

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