Thursday, February 25, 2010


If you think a little bit deeper on the lines of the topic. you could find that this is true. the beginning of life, the evolution of universe, evolution of human kind all could be understood like this. the so called starting point and the so called destination are one and the same. a step backward from were we start is the place were we want to reach. most, almost very few tread this immediate backward integration. the life is a circle, every process is a circle, and is endless. we start out a journey thinking of some destination, we face all the odds, travel through difficult times, and end up in the destination were it all started.!!so whats the difference? initially we are pure , untouched by any acts that is wordly, in the end again we are pure but this time we are aware that we are pure, this sums the differnce..this mere knowledge is bliss.the journey to eternity may take lives, but we all will be there one may end in a day, the revealation may take years for a few, a life time for others, and many life times for most of us.on the way we will be confronting our own images, identities, beliefs, making us better prepared for facing the ultimate truth.
fello travellers..enjoy your travel!!! we are destined to reach.

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