Sunday, March 15, 2009

the best investment plans for u!!

this time i am going to tell u the best and most easiest investment plan, which when u execute it properly, u wud never ever cease to get the returns, that too the returns u will be getting will be 100 times more than what u hav invested and that too u get it within a span of five years. but provided u have some qualifications, and talents. this is the right time for the investment , mostly such an opportunity comes only once in 5 yr, some times it comes intermediately!! it depends. the investment is untouched by the economic crisis, and it will also guard ur generations and make them billionaires too, if they r also having the qualification they can turn millions to billions. qualification which are required includes a great communication ability, the ability shud be such that u should make people believe that whatever things u r telling is truth. u r better qualified if u have some ability to express ur emotions or enact ur emotions publicly. education doesnt matter, even if ur educated , forget the manners and good( if any) habbits that u have acquired during ur education days, try to be as stubborn as u could be even though u know that these things are trivial and doesnt matter, it doesnt matter whether ur 8th class failure or harward university u have to be as stupid as possible. the most important qualification is that u shud never try to solve the disputes, but just remain a spectator so that let them fight and die. also even though you have never read any book it doesnt matter atleast you should blabber some quotes from some books and show your self as knowledged. it could be better if u r an athelete in ur school days, so that u can save ur self by jumping from one side to the other, and if required need to run miles, somersault will be highly useful. so i hope u understood about the investment which am speaking, IN INDIA ELECTIONS R COMING!!!!!!