Saturday, December 15, 2007


'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever' ..this is a famous quote..i agree with this statement..but the perception point of beauty is differing..first we have to know what is beauty?? does beauty means dressing oneself in the costliest outfits? excellent physique? exotic places? gifts of nature such as great mountains or deep deas or dense forests or water falls or what else? when i was thinking and pondering about this..i cud say that definitly every individual has a different view point for beauty.. for an ecologist it may be his garden that is the most beautiful thing rather than any thing in this world..for a begger the saravana bhavan meals might be the biggest i am saying that perception of beauty is purely based on our individual ideologies..even miss world may not appear beautiful to hungry begger..there is not a single object which every one in this world accepts as beautiful..but is there anything called as ugly?? again it is also the difference in angle with which it is viewed...remaining beautiful is different from appearing beautiful..hope u can understand what am one or no thing can be labelled as the law of universe every thing is beauty..its not essential that appearance must be beautiful(but it will also make a positive point too!!) but it is the real inner beauty which makes the life glorified..we all are beautiful..believe in this..this entire universe and its order is a great beauty..just visua;ise even the ordinary things with this view point..we start enjoying and love our life.


Miel said...

yeah very true..... for me its my mom who is the miss world and my hubby who is the Mr.Handsome.... i could never compare them with miss world or ;) ;)

suki said...

of course no one can ever beat ur hubby, he is undoubtedly mr handsome:)