Monday, December 24, 2007


Religion, there is 1 community in orkut for world peace, i was going through an intersting thread , regarding the question is religion the cause of war?.. i found some intersting views, ok now to the question , does religion promotes war?.. the answer is that definitly no religion in this world promotes war, and if somebody says if it promotes then it is not at all a religion...but the fact is that there have been wars in the fast and even now wars are happening under the name of religion, i feel that the basic reason for war is the feeling of ruthless "I" sense, the sense to establish one's own ideologies and one's own power over the weaker sects, it is the individual powerseeking attitude and superiority complex, this sense manifests itself in various formats such as casteism racism, feeling of one's own superiority is not a bad one until it transgresses the limits and disturbs the others, religions are set of principles laid with a common goal to achieve a greater happiness, truth and bliss in life, but the so called religious people have become fanatics and forget the principles and hold on blindly, forgetting the basics of humanity, if u forget what rama, jesus, allah , buddha told and just hold on to the forms there is no use in adopting religion....

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