Friday, December 7, 2007

india , sare jahan se accha....??

what is so special about my motherland india? some say it as cultural heritage , the great history and the ancient culture..yes we do have it ..but we indians have a wrong idea that we only have great tradition, but i feel that it is not like that certainly, every nation and its people have thier own tradition and backing, no race is inferior and so no race is superior, i dont jnow why we people lack civic sense..we throw one in the world wastes water like anything,, am not sure about whether our people are aware of ecological not speaking about any illiterate here it is the so called literate people in the society who create greater nuisance, we are reluctant, time management ..oh my god we lack a great deal of it..but still there is a great feeling comin in my mind that makes india sare jahan se acha..yes it is the undying spirit folks, we have witnessed this emotion of great resurgence, the tremendous energy coming in to the fore..the individual identotoes are lost, selfish intersts are lost..the big example is post gujarat calamity..the whole nation stood behind the victims, in the post flood period in mumbai some two years back, everything came to normal the second day, in the post tsunami period there was tremendous pour of help to tamilians..we indians tend to forget these great resurgences and move ahead , the taste of my nation is great, i dont think in anyway u can generalise any feature in india because of its vast diversity..but it is the fate of our people to realise the real potency only during calamity.. icant wait for the next on.............

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