Tuesday, December 4, 2007


i am not saying any wild animal like tiger or lion as man eater, u have to believe me that we human are the greatest man eaters , right from the history, while no other species in the process of evolution ever had such cruelest intention and coupled with perfect planning had posed a great threat for the survival of its own species, we lost more lives bcoz of thirst of power than the natural calamities , what is the aetiology behind such maniac killing?? u had a leader who threatenend to extinguish a race arround 70 yrs back, u had a leader at african country whoose menu daily has got finger chips(yup it is real finger chips),and head curry, obviously because they all wanted to be at the top, never mind how many heads they have to crush to come in to the power, the throne they sat was made up of the skeleton of innumerable individuals who have been murdered brutally, power has always remained as a greatest lure to human being ever since inception, but believe me , the power is not excising command and den=mand respest from other, but the real power is within our self, our principles and beliefs, and how useful we are to the society, such as gandhi , martin luther . i think they had more power than hitlers and mussolinis..

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