Saturday, December 1, 2007

pattern of life

this is my first post...have u observrd that there is apattern existing in our life..the question is that whether fate rules our life or our intellect or we deside our life? we come across people fighting miraculously ..from the tight corner..we find people succumbing even to small events..i feel that there is apttern , a format in life, its like a flowchart or algorithm or a program..its like a map..u have a starting at destination..that doesnt mean that its all fate..its like in a route u have the reins..we have the right of is simple it works like a logic gates..the path is already laid and fixed is our choice to accept or choose the alternate..just observe closely for every step u have a choice..u have to choose carefully to take the right road ..its partly destiny and partly will..

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Miel said...

Hmm life is beautiful but its only beautiful when we colour it..... It depends upon us of how our fate will be...... If our hope becomes life... fate follows