Thursday, January 8, 2009


Finally the year 2008 has passed on and another year has dawned, a new year, set of new

opportunities, set of new tasks and challenges to be faced, a new set of goals to be achieved. The

life itself is a great teacher, a master par excellence as it unfolds , its the experience that counts.

I wonder in the past 1 yr how many days i could recall exactly what i did, it could be probably

25- 30 days at the maximum!! so what have i done to rest of my time!!? We all have this

problem, its time to think have we lived our life to its fullest extent as we thought?, its time to

look back, to decide our next step we need to recollect the past. I have decided to document my

life and thoughts in a dairy from this year, and so far am successful, hope i will follow the entire

year. 2008 , had its momments of history, the obamas victory has made this entire world to

look out for a change, though the illinois senator is no magician , he cant just change the world

with his whisk of a wand. Let us hope and wait that something good happens in trying times. As

an Indian , the act that shook up me would naturally be the attack of timids on the mumbai

killing innocent lives. I am praying god for a year where no such incidents repeat anywhere in

the world. again this new year has began with bombings of gaza by israelis.

Let this year be the full stop of all such activities were human life is lost in vain.

The economic turmoil will be overcome for sure.

In this new year i pray god to give me courage and to all people, atleast this time we shall live

our life which we have dreamt for.

Let us be unflinching from our goals and perceptions.

Let us live our life fully , and enjoy the life as we travell through the various pages of the great

book of life with fascination and enthusiasm at the heart.

Let us forget the sin of others in the past, and forgive the sins of our own.

Let us be equipped in all measures to face the odds of life and be resolute that when we come out

we w ill be a better person.

Let us cultivate the love within, the divine radiance shall spread to ourself , our family ,

neighbours, pets, street, town, city , state, country and to this entire world, let the light from our

heart carrying love and hope spread to the entire world and provide strength to the weak,

provide hope to the dispaired, provide energy to those exhausted, provide happiness to all.

Let us be more human than ever and be sensitive to our fellow passengers, afterall its

coexistence that has made us surviving species in this world.

Let us be more conscious about our body and its needs and attending to its needs.

Let us live and dance to the tunes of nature , in harmony with it.

Let us be more truthful to our self,and and fellow beings.

Let us expand our limits, and not just get shrunken in to a shell.

Let us have no fear, and pure courage which is sensible shall guide as through.



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