Sunday, August 29, 2010

My experiences with truth-1

I am trying to scrutinize retrospectively from here , it might be a little biographical , this is a journey within myself and trying to explore my understanding of life.a kind of deconstruction of what i am today.hope someday it might be useful for someone or even myself.the events will not be chronological (and not even logical sometimes!!).

there are a lot of thoughts, incidents which are popping in my mind right now.the reason could be i met the person yesterday who forgave me for my first blemish for the first time , shanthi miss .again the incident may be a silly ' growing up' from the reader's perspective ,but it is indeed one great event that has kept me in when i think retrospectively if i could have got a corporal punishment at that stage for my act , may be i would have not been what i am today(what is that act? well will tell eventually:)).this is one of my school day childhood memories i always recall.
i was going to school, a school which carries a great tradition in our area, a school with high reputation of bringing out so many doctors and engineers every year, muthiah alagappa matriculation higher secondary school, in a small village -kotaiyur which has huge houses in the heartland of chettinad .this is the school were i studied or literally spent my hours,living there with the desks,the bell, the ground,the bus for the 14 years ,right from my kg till i completed my higher secondary education.

unlike many kids who cry and moan on the first day of schooling ,i was told from my mom that i was different .it was my mom who cried on sending me to school on the first day and i consoled her :) our house was in an area called subramaniapuram, a neat locale with wide roads . opposite to our house there was a school bus stop, known as correspondent stop (named so because our school corespondent's house was near by).i was told from my mom that as a kid ,everyday i would come out of my home and wait for the school bus and bade farewll to all the uniformed noble souls who carry more burden than the jesus christ himself and then only go back inside weekends alas it will be hard to convince me as i would be crying continuously to see the blue bus of my school.naturally i loved going to school, i thought that they all are going to school and having fun there.

then came the first day of schooling...

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Miel said...

hey even i was happy to go to school. I was so crazy about schools that i used to ask my mom to get me dressed up for school 1 year before itself even when i hadnt got admission he he he :( and the same that my mom cried leaving me and i consoled her.....