Tuesday, August 31, 2010

where are we heading?

for some days now serious thoughts are passing through my head.where are we heading? we are so blind to see the happenings around us.either we close our eyes voluntarily or we are not in a position to see the things .progress of a country is understood by the quality of people, citizen who live here , the direction is decided by the collective intelligence of the citizens .according to me, a country is heading in a downhill direction if its citizens are able to transgress the social laws and regulations of the state with ease and without any feeling of guilt or fear of the state.

this is what is happening right now in india, the country where values and virtues were given importance over the rest of the may ask "common yaar..why so serious has happend in the past " ,ya certainly i dont deny that it has happened in the past .there was always a sect in our society which has multiple faces ,who transgressed the laws then.but never they were in the mainstream of the society.

there are politicians ,officers ,industrial bigwigs, eminent public faces involved and caught in various scams,corruptions etc during all the times.but the common man always feared law, social status and looked at these things with speculation only.this is not the case tamilnadu nearly 30 students have been caught by the university for allegedly forging the marksheet and correcting the scores.these people are not any political bigwigs,industrialists,officers but common people like us. the selfishness and self centerdness is alarming.the people are not worried about others, nor they do have the guilt that they are crossing the limit and grabbing an opportunity which should go rightfully to is natural for the parents to wish that there kids get to have good careers, but not at the cost of others.who gave this kind of guts to them? the feeling that they can get along. a sense of carelessness, who is responsible?
so the people have come to this attitude , we can do anything for the sake of our life,we can do nothing but to pray to god to give us strength,courage and conviction in our minds to lead a peaceful life in this world


வால்பையன் said...

தமிழில் எழுதமாட்டிங்களா தல!

suki said...

தல அதுக்குனு இப்ப தான் ஒரு பக்கம் ஆரம்பிச்சுருக்கேன்

தமிழன் said...

You are right.People doesn't care abt others.They think of themselves. Greedy and earn without hardwork are the qualities make people to act like that.Our country is moving in downhill direction.Suggest an idea to correct it.